Rockin' Ribfest Vendor Blender is a fantastic place to shop and share your support for small businesses in our local community while enjoying great food, music and company!
We are so excited to host this event and give our crafters, creators, local entrepreneurs and pillars in the community a chance to showcase their work. We've all been through so much this year, this is a GREAT chance for businesses to share how they've evolved or pivoted, what they've created, and reconnect with the community.
We've expanded our footprint to bring in all types of handcrafted goods and local services for Ribfest attendees to shop and network with. Small business, music and food has never felt so good! Raffles, swag bags, unique goodies and deals galore as you wander the park to shop and mingle! Great stuff for the kids, too! 
Click on the link on the website for an application.