This has been quite a week for our club members!
     As is required by our bylaws, the election of Officers and Directors took place at our first meeting in December, which was December 7, 2017. Elected Officers for the 2017-2018 term were the following: Jim Benages as President, Bill Dustin as President- Elect, Jim Wales as Secretary, Yvonne Cornett as Treasurer. Elected Directors to the Board were Steve Swanson, Colleen Wales, Ron Magrini and Jack Bechaud. Dot Dustin, the current President will serve as Immediate Past President. These positions are effective July 1, 2017.
     Another item on the agenda for this week was the annual ringing the bells for the Salvation Army. Every year our club selects a date to go out to help this non-profit raise funds to help the needy.  Invariably, it almost always turns out to be one of the coldest days and this year was no exception.  Braving the cold this year, a great number of club member showed up to help ring the bells! It may have been freezing but the warmth brought on by the comaraderie between members helps the club achieve this objective every year!  
     The last major item addressed by the club this week was the authorization of sending emergency relief funds in the amount of $1,000 to the Rotary Club of Gatlinburg Tennessee. That area has been devastated by wildfires with loss of life, injuries and a substantial number homes damaged or destroyed and the Rotary Club for Gatlinburg has initiated efforts to help wherever they can.